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The re-wiring of the full loco continues, terminating of wires in both cabs and nose ends is almost complete.

The junction box on the radiator room floor is next for completion, the through ETH cabling and detection wiring is now fully installed.

Many hundreds of man hours have been carried out cleaning and painting the loco floor and conduits under the engine room walkways, the walkway tread plates have been cleaned and returned to the loco.

The corroded nose door from No 2 end has been restored and refitted.

Both fully refurbished bogies are now under the loco and are being coupled up and finished off.

Rubbing down and repainting of the full loco will take place in the next few months.


The main engine room roof section was moved nearer to the MMPD in order to carry out repairs prior to fully shot blasting , this will be carried out 'off site'.

The jammed hinges on two of the roof doors have been removed and replaced, both doors were refitted.The eight roof door locks have been removed , cleaned and refitted.

More conduit installation for the OTMR and TPWS installation has been carried out within the engine room and radiator room.

No 2 end.

Both cab sides and drain trays fitted. Corroded areas on the nose at the cab windows have been replaced.

The cab internals are now being assembled along with hand brake gear under the cab floor.

The exhausters and pipework in the nose end have been fitted along with the fire bottle support, the nose internals have been sanded and painted.

Battery box corroded floor has been removed , new metal has been cut and is ready to fit.

The hardwood battery duckboard is being made off site by one of the diesel group.

New-ish cast bogies:

Both of the ex Class 50 bogies have been move inside the MMPD.

The bogie spiders ( main pivots ) , hangers , spring planks and temporary wheel sets have been removed.

Both bogies have been turned over for assessment and repair of the axlebox guides and also for painting.


On loan from DRS, an exam and reinstatement of the vacuum brake system is in progress.


The loco body shell has been purchased by the Scottish 37 Group and should be on site soon.


On Holiday at Spa Valley Railway until October.


Ready to leave the site .


Waiting shed space for repairs to the bogies ex 26038 which require significant reworking to get them up to standard.

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