Diesel Group Photo updates:


NBL D2767:

The repaint is almost complete with only the windows left to fit,

the water pump is still away for overhaul at an outside contractor.

The loco has been moved to the RCB for the duration of the railtour coach maintenance


D3558 :

In regular use shunting the yard


In service.


The loco has been lifted and the wheelsets removed for fitting of new tyres. The bogies are in well worn condition and many hours have been spent descaling and wire brushing off dirt and old paint with many more hours required to finish the job. The same exercise has also been carried out on the wheels and they have been transformed with a coat of paint. The wheel pans were ultrasonically inspected after being cleaned up to ensure they were free of defects prior to fitting of the new tyres. 

One bogie has been fully stripped with the bolster and brake gear all removed for examination, cleaning and painting. It is planned to replace all the pins and bushes as these are in poor condition. This type of bogie ranks as the worst we have had to dismantle as everything has to come off in a certain order which is not clear until you try it! Certain parts of the brake gear can only be taken out with the wheelsets removed which must have caused some headaches in BR days.

On the engine a replacement cylinder liner is being repaired to substitute the damaged one, the cylinder heads are awaiting new valve guides which are on order, once these are complete reassembly can begin.


Fundraising is continuing for the wheel sets which still need re-tyred before

the loco can operate on the branch

again and all donations are welcome!

These can be made by going to the website at mydonate.


In store awaiting repairs.


Still at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, it has recently had a replacement triple pump and a new set of batteries fitted. The loco is currently out based at Pickering.


In store awaiting repairs.


Work continues on the fabrication of the replacement cab structure at No.1 end, most of the framing at the secondman's side is complete with attention now on the complex area around the windscreen. This loco has also been moved to the RCB until April.

Photos of the restoration so far can be see at :



Still on hire to Colas working Infrastructure Monitoring Trains for Network Rail.


Heavy cleaning of the engine room and nose ends has continued, a replacement for the missing nose end filter door has also been located and fitted. Many smaller parts and cab fittings are being restored off site.


In regular use working Cumbrian Coast services for Direct Rail Services.


The external appearance was tidied up prior to the December Diesel Day with removal of the Direct Rail Services branding and application of the numbers in the original location under the driver's side window, one corner also now features the original number of 37067. British Rail double arrow logos were also fitted. The yellow end was also repainted at the West (No.1) end.


In service.

NBL / MAN Class 22 power unit:

The power unit has a small fuel leak and requires new batteries.

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